Looking for an easy, enjoyable and effective holistic modality to learn?
Want to acquire a practical skill to support friends or family wellbeing?
Looking for an effortless add-on to complement other professional therapies?
Love a sweet 'n' simple way to support your child?
On a path of self development?
Love some relaxation and energy for yourSELF?
Intrigued about Holistic Pulsing and want to ignite your curiosity?

Then this Holistic Pulsing foundation course is for you.  

I warmly invite you to join me on this richly experiential and enlivening course where you’ll:

  • have a time of gentle nurturing to relax your body and unwind your mind;
  • have a meaningful and joyful learning experience as you start practicing the techniques;
  • develop new skills, knowledge and awareness as you learn to apply  the rhythmical rocking movements of this truly wholistic modality with its 2way healing effect;
  • discover the nutritive value of rhythm and experience the profound integration Holistic Pulsing brings;
  • gain a rich somatic understanding of the wisdom of the body’s way, developing body literacy and deepening your awareness and compassion for your SELF and others;
  • Empower and evolve as you immerse yourself in the healing power of softness;
  • Be inspired and energised by the holistic pulsing philosophy and like-minded folk.

            Study rhythm - rhythm brings life...Rudolf Steiner

It’s a joy for me to share Holistic Pulsing with you and to answer any questions you may have, warmly Natalie

Holistic Pulsing in the Home

So simple to learn, Holistic Pulsing is a comforting home remedy you can have at your very fingertips to share with family of all ages.  Bringing the power of softness, awareness and re-empowerment into parenting, this enriching course offers a holistic approach to gently support a child’s motor-neuro development to self-sufficiency and managing transitions, sensory difference and self-regulation. Easy, effortless, effective and enjoyable, this empowering course offers nourishment for the nourisher; nurturing for the nurturer and care for the carer as you experience the relaxing and energising benefits of Holistic Pulsing for yourSELF, whilst learning a sweet 'n' simple way to support your child.

Expressions of interest welcome    sydneyholisticpulsing@gmail.com    Small groups up to 10 also welcome