a gentle integrative healing method for wellbeing that rocks

Holistic Pulsing is special. 

EveryBODY loves to be gently rocked or pulsed and knows instinctively how to rock. It’s soothing, nurturing and enlivening.

"The healing power of Holistic Pulsing lies in its very gentleness, like the soft ocean water melting away the toughest rocks”  Gentle Miracles Tovi Browning founder of Holistic Pulsing.  

The gesture Holistic Pulsing offers to the body, is one of utter softness. The gentle rhythmical rocking movements infuse a soothing resonance throughout the body that’s mesmerising to the nervous system, inducing a feeling of womb-like safety that’s deeply relaxing and nurturing. When you feel safe, you soften. When you yield, you let go.  When you let go, you can restore more flow, bringing a greater sense of ease to your entire being as you gently lengthen out of holding and contraction to be more open, expanded and enlivened in your body, your energy, your life.   

" Rhythm brings life" Rudolf Steiner

The rhythm and fluidity of Holistic Pulsing brings a quiet relief to the body, mind and spirit and offers a time of gentle nurturing where you can:- 

  • relax your body and unwind your mind
  • feel how soothing the rhythmical rocking and light stretching softens tightness and dissolves tension
  • discover how the flow of movements softly ease contraction,  lifts stress and dissolves patterns of holding that reduce movement
  •  experience the relaxing, replenishing and profound integration the gentle rhythms have on the sensory system;
  •  feel how the special holistic pulsing touch restores energy flow and brings a deep sense of equilibrium and BALANCE
  • enjoy the healing power of softness, integration and a  profound sense of WHOLENESS that’s therapeutic, nourishing and re-balancing
  • and experience a greater sense of wellbeing that Holistic Pulsing brings 

  More than just relaxation,  Holistic Pulsing:

  • eases stress, strain and anxiety, soothes the nervous system, dissolves deep inner tensions and brings a conscious relaxation to the bodymind
  • softens rigidity, tension and holding, aches and stiffness of joints, helping to restore flexibility, mobility and circulation
  • lifts exhaustion, jet-lag and fatigue and enlivens and revitalises
  • soothes and calms emotions,  softens and lifts shock and trauma
  • beneficial for all ages, young and old as you remain fully clothed
  • brings a profound sense of integration and wholeness that's therapeutic, nourishing and rebalancing to the entire being
  • balances pranic energy flow and brings a deep sense of peace and wellbeing, alignment and clarity

Holistic Pulsing has lived with me since 1991. I love its instantly soothing healing effect and the deep sense of balance, peace and wellbeing it brings.  In this dynamic, vibrating and pulsating universe,  where life continuously pulses around us and our body is continually pulsing within, the only constant in life, is the movement of change. Consciously supporting body and mind to flow with greater ease, helps develop our capacities to be more flexible, to adapt, and build resilience to better manage and integrate change into daily living to flow, grow, flourish and thrive. 

It’s a joy for me to share Holistic Pulsing with you and to answer any questions you may have.



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